STOP In a world of constant action, that can at times make us feel overwhelmed, we need to learn how to step away from situations and do more than just cope. So I have created a model that helps me, I hope it helps you too. S – Settle Settle the words you want to… Continue reading STOP!

Reinventing Yourself And Your Organisation

This article was taken from the August edition of Proteuslife magazine. When we hear the word reinvent, it conjures up all sorts of thoughts and emotions, but usually people think that it means to completely change who we are, what we look like and what we do. In some situations all of these things will need… Continue reading Reinventing Yourself And Your Organisation

Stepping into the Unknown

“Plan to step into the unknown because that is where life’s growth hormones are stored!” I am a great believer in setting clear goals for our lives. Goals that will make us better people and improve our knowledge and skills; but sometimes even goal setting can become monotonous and mundane. So I want to take… Continue reading Stepping into the Unknown

Shift Happens

“Our clients must always be the reason that we look to create a better way!” What exciting times we live in. I didn’t say easy; I said exciting. But there is a SHIFT happening! Thousands of jobs are being lost across Australia and businesses are closing everyday, which is sad and creates a great deal… Continue reading Shift Happens