It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning in Sydney, so I decided to fulfill my weekend ritual with a trip to Bronte beach to soak in the beauty and the majesty of this amazing place.

People were doing the usual things, like jogging, walking their dogs and exercising; while others just sat there feeling the warmth of the sun on their face. A feeling that had been foreign in Sydney for some months.

People were happier this morning. They had a spring in their step and some even had a smile on their face. It’s true; the sun seems to bring out the best in people.

I walked past the ocean swimming pool, one of many that line the Sydney coastline. People were doing laps, trying desperately to convince me that the water was warm, but still retreating fairly quickly from the water to join the onlookers in the sun.

Normally on a Saturday morning at Bronte Beach the ocean is littered with surfers enjoying the swell that comes in from the Pacific Ocean, but today was different; it was perfectly calm.

Surfers had been replaced by paddle-boarders and lifesavers were taking the opportunity to do some swimming drills. What a glorious morning to be alive.

I headed up to the highest point of the cove and sat on my favourite bench, staring down on the beach and the activities below while soaking in the sun.

Music has always played a major role in my life, so to find me anywhere without my iPod is very rare.

Today I was in an Opera mood!

So with Pavarotti blasting in my ears, I was in a very fine place to contemplate my naval and everything else in my life.

Some great decisions were made that morning starting with being thankful for what I had and finishing by realising that life has only just begun.

What else could I achieve? Up to me I guess!


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