More For Less – Not Less For More!

Growing Your Business Through Generosity Have you noticed lately that the cost of things seems to be going up, but the value in many cases seems to be diminishing? Increasing prices are absolutely expected as production and service costs rise, but people must see a benefit from paying more. Our Australian Post Service have been… Continue reading More For Less – Not Less For More!

Leadership Breakfast Series – Leading With Integrity

How to lead with your head held high! With so many pressures on leaders, and change happening at such a rapid pace, it is easy for leaders to look for short cuts and not necessarily always do the RIGHT thing. But to have a sustainable future, leaders and organisations must understand the importance and the… Continue reading Leadership Breakfast Series – Leading With Integrity

How the world has changed – Merry Christmas!

I was cruising through Asia on a break and as the dates got closer to Christmas, decorations on the ship started to appear until it became almost a winter wonderland. They were a great conversation piece. There were very few children on the ship but one morning while waiting for coffee, a conversation with a… Continue reading How the world has changed – Merry Christmas!

Think! Leadership 2016

Think! Leadership is about assisting leaders and their teams to think differently, to challenge the status quo and to see a bigger and better picture for the future. Leaders of the future must master the following three areas: They must be thought leaders, constantly changing the way they think and behave They must understand how… Continue reading Think! Leadership 2016

Leadership By Design 2016

Leadership By Design has been tailored to individuals and teams that are looking to change the culture, the attitude and the behaviours within their workplace. This program covers the most challenging and exciting issues facing today’s contemporary leaders, and will leave you with a renewed mindset and a revitalised positive outlook about people and culture.… Continue reading Leadership By Design 2016