Des Penny – Bio

In 1993 Des Penny looked around at the team of executive leaders that surrounded him and thought –

I don’t like you and I don’t want to become like you!

He decided to walk away from his executive position with all the perks and launch into the unknown – he decided to start his own business. Des had a vision to create an organisation that would assist leaders around the globe to create more positive workplace and personal cultures.

As a result he established the award winning company Proteus Leadership. Today Proteus Leadership operate Australia-wide from centres across the country. Des’ passion is to develop contemporary and innovative Australian leaders, and through his programs has delivered life-changing results to literally thousands of people Australia wide.

With a history in management and leadership that spans across an enormous range of industries including; manufacturing, health, IT, retail, SME’s and Government sectors, today Des is regarded as one of the most positive and practical experts in leadership and people management.

He has been the editor of a national leadership magazine – Leaders With A Life, and is the author of his self published book and seminar series ‘Life Eyes’ – the gateway to who you really could be.

In 2008, Des’ company won Best Educational Services company in the Small Business Champion Awards in SA.

Des also won South Australian Entrepreneur of the year in the same awards. Des brings new life to education with his sense of humour, life experience and incredible commitment to his cause.

In 2013 Des also received the National MyBusiness Best Business Leader Award at The Star in Sydney.

The annual awards recognise and promote outstanding achievements by Australian small businesses and leaders. Des was nominated for his vision, hard work and success in building the business over the last 20 years. Read more here.


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