I was sitting in plane high flying over the Nullarbor Plains on my way to speak at a breakfast in Perth. It never ceases to amaze me how the world has changed from the early days in business where doing such a thing world take a week of planning. Now I am about to do it weekly for a month.

But what about the other things that have changed in business that we now take for granted? The computer, the mobile phone, the iPad, cloud technology etc etc. Now I know this sounds like an old man speaking, but the reality is that most of these things are less than twenty years old and they have changed our worlds.

So what next?

People all around us are realizing that it is not things that have to change anymore, but us! We almost need to relearn how to communicate and how to interact with each other. We need to relearn how to care for each other and show compassion; not pity but real compassion that is helpful but also honest.

So, how about we spend one day next week out of our technological, driven bubbles and take some time to really care for someone or some situation.

The irony is that it will do us more good than the receiver!

Get Disturbed!

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