Join Me On Our NEW HUB

Hi Optimistic Disturbers, Well it has been a long time since I posted on my Blog, but I have been away creating new communication options. So after this post, the Optimistic Disturber BLOG will cease to exist. In it’s place is an exciting new resource HUB that will incorporate my BLOG through a new medium […]

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When Will Learning Learn

It Really Is Time To Get Disturbed – Lead article from the upcoming edition of Proteuslife. “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” – Alvin Toffler I am sure that there are many within the Learning and Development and the […]

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Every Day Is A Second Chance!

Hi Optimistic Disturbers, welcome to the next chapter of your life – 2016. So often at the beginning of the year we set new-year resolutions and with everything within us, we declare that this is the year we take those actions that will change our lives. Even though our intentions might be honourable, our minds […]

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Still Learning Book Now Available

Hi Optimistic Disturbers, well I have done it. I have completed my second book called Still Learning – Tales from a life in leadership. It has been a real journey and a real labour of love, as I have had to both face my own situations head on and at the same time reflect on […]

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Be Kind To Yourself!

Welcome back to 2015 fellow Optimistic Disturbers and welcome to the 30+ new disturbers who have joined us over the break. I did intend to start writing earlier than this, but over the break hackers intruded this site and shut it down. It must be so sad having so little in your life that you […]

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Look Ahead

Look Ahead!

I walked down the city mall in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago to the sound of Jingle Bells blaring from a department store and my brain was tempted to go one of two paths. 1. Where did this year go? Why are they playing Christmas Carols so early? I am so busy. I haven’t […]

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Being BRAVE!

Hi Disturbers, I always thought that I was a fairly brave person, except when it came to snakes, spiders and MRI scans, but I have been challenged more than ever of late to not just talk about being brave, but be brave. There is a huge difference! So, if you want to step out and […]

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