Sometimes I’m Just down

At my recent breakfast series I spoke on the topic of, Living and Leading with Insight. During a presentation I shared a poem that I had written on just being there when people are down and not trying to solve all of their problems or give them all of the answers. This poem came from a dark period in my life and was especially written for men who find it difficult to express their feelings.

It is however, relevant for everyone.

I have had several requests for a copy of the poem and so this is today’s blog. I hope it helps, because no matter who we are or what we do, we all have tough times in our lives.

Sometimes I’m Just Down!

Leave me alone with my thoughts and my burdens

Cause right now, it’s not company I need

Just give me my space, in my own garden

Let me process the changes I need


But don’t go too far, because though I deny it

I need you as close as I can

See, it’s not your answers I’m looking for, nor your opinions

It just knowing that you’re there in my span


A few tears I shed to release life’s troubles

They wash over my cheeks like rain

But the inner good that I feel them doing

Is the medicine that keeps me sane


So I say, sob my man as hard as you can

Let go of the knots that have bound you

Because in those tears of heartache and sorrow

Another part of you, has just found you


You see sometimes I’m just down and feeling discouraged

And I need to be by myself

So leave me in my garden where my mind is encouraged

To look again for my true self


What is it that makes you go to the rescue

To have an answer to what you don’t understand

Let my tears of frustration flow uninterrupted

Just be there when I reach out my hand.


Keep getting disturbed but don’t be disturbed!


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