In a world of constant action, that can at times make us feel overwhelmed, we need to learn how to step away from situations and do more than just cope.

So I have created a model that helps me, I hope it helps you too.

S – Settle

Settle the words you want to say. Settle your spirit and settle your actions. In other words Step Back from the situation before you say and do something that you will regret and may have a long-term negative impact.

T – Talk about it

Sometimes we are just too close to a situation and the best thing we can do is find someone to talk to; someone who will be honest with us and give us counsel as to whether we have over-reacted, or if in fact we are on the right track.

O – Organise

This is time to re-plan your approach and re-strategise so that there is as little damage as possible. It is the time to remove the reactionary behaviours that would normally have raised their head and replace them with strategies and actions that will make the situation better.

 P – Proceed

It is now time to move forward and do what you have to do with renewed energy and vigour. Because if action, or in fact a decision not to do anything does not result from the first three steps, then it has all been in vain.

So next time you are in a tricky situation and ready to explode, remember to STOP!

 But don’t stop getting disturbed!

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