Make a decision – any decision!

This week I have had to deal with a situation outside of the workplace that had blown way out of all proportion, all because the people involved procrastinated for years on making decisions. The statements– we are just about to do that, or, we will do that when something else happens, or, we can’t do… Continue reading Make a decision – any decision!

Love What You Do!

This article was taken from the February edition of Proteuslife magazine. Recently on the blog, I wrote an article entitled ‘Get out if you hate it,’ which was inspired by countless numbers of people I have interacted with that not only disliked what they did and where they worked, but they actually hated it. Without oversimplifying things, I… Continue reading Love What You Do!

Let’s Look Out For Each Other’s Backs!

Hi there Disturbers, Recently we heard about swimmer, Ian Thorpe’s  ongoing battle with depression.   I really feel for him and the pressure that he has and is going through however, it made me focus on the many people who are doing it hard in businesses and homes right across our country. Some not knowing how… Continue reading Let’s Look Out For Each Other’s Backs!

A Beautiful Noise

Hi there disturbers, Well, I have to say right up front that I am a bit of a Neil Diamond tragic, must be an age thing! Neil Diamond wrote one of my favourite songs called ‘ It’s a Beautiful Noise”. It talks about the sounds of the street, the hustle and bustle of people, the… Continue reading A Beautiful Noise