Last week my BLOG looked at making decisions, any decisions, and the fact that we cannot move forward until we have mastered the art of taking back the controls and laying down plans for ourselves. Well what if that right has been taken from you? What do you do then?

I have been watching with great interest the search for the Malaysian Airlines jet that went missing some two weeks ago and wondering how the families and friends of the missing passengers must be coping.

With no real information to hang on to, and when they do get some, it is usually a false alarm, how totally out of control they must be feeling. We cannot fathom the pain that they must be going through, as every passenger has a different and interesting story to tell and a different and interesting reason for being on that particular flight.

My heart and hope goes out to every one of them, especially as new information is being uncovered.

I know at times like this we can get very philosophical, and so we should!

We have so much to be thankful for and we have the privilege of being in control of our lives and circumstances – so why don’t we take back the controls?

Here are some ways we can start to do this:

  • Stop dumping on yourself and giving yourself a hard time
  • Stop treating others as if they don’t have the right to be different
  • Start making decisions and stop blaming everyone else
  • Start making the right decisions
  • Look around you and see how blessed you are
  • Stop listening to, and associating with, negative people (even if they are family)
  • Start looking at how you can make something better every day
  • Love like today is you last

It doesn’t matter how you believe you got here, you are here and you are here for a reason.

People often ask me how I cope with travelling 2-3 days per week and suggest that I must get sick of it. My response is simple:

  • I started my company in a bedroom with $10 to my name
  • I slept on a mattress on the floor
  • I worked 18-hour days for years to see my dream come to fruition
  • Now I travel the country every week and own and run a national leadership company


  Yes, this is very philosophical and I make no apologies for it. Maybe we should get some real problems and then we might recognise that the problems we have are not so bad, compared to what many others are going through.

So, let’s take 5 minutes to reflect on where we are, and what we want to do, and how fortunate we really are and start putting things into perspective –  then share as much as we can with others.

Keep getting disturbed and creating a better world!

Des Penny

The Optimistic Disturber


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