This week I have had to deal with a situation outside of the workplace that had blown way out of all proportion, all because the people involved procrastinated for years on making decisions.

The statements– we are just about to do that, or, we will do that when something else happens, or, we can’t do that yet we need to think about it, had become a very comfortable part of their vocabulary and therefore life was and is, lived from one reaction to another. This is all because they had never mastered the art of decision making.

The art of decision-making is paramount if we are to be a success in life. Whether it be in our jobs or in our private lives, we have to make decisions otherwise we just leave our lives in the hands of others and fate.

It is amazing though, how many people struggle with making decisions in their lives, so here are a few tips that might help you to do so:

  • Recognise the privilege you have to be in control of your life. So don’t disrespect that privilege
  • Recognise that it is your fear that is stopping you, so face those fears and experience the benefits of decisions
  • Remember – nothing will ever be perfect, so don’t wait until it is – that is called procrastination
  • Back yourself and your decisions – you have a lifetime of knowledge locked away to draw on – trust your judgment
  • Remember you are not the only one involved here. Your lack of decision making impacts countless others around you, so it is actually a very selfish thing not to make decisions when they are required
  • Just make a decision even if it is wrong. At least you will have taken a step forward and given yourself the opportunity to learn

So, if you are feeling frustrated about your situation at the moment, both personally and professionally, then be honest with yourself and identify the things in your life that need decisions, and make them!

The things that you have wanted for a long time are usually only one decision away!

So, Optimistic Disturbers, to do the job we were put here to do requires an army of decision makers. Sign up now!

Des Penny

The Optimistic Disturber

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