Hi there Disturbers,

Recently we heard about swimmer, Ian Thorpe’s  ongoing battle with depression.   I really feel for him and the pressure that he has and is going through however, it made me focus on the many people who are doing it hard in businesses and homes right across our country.

Some not knowing how they will cope financially. Some with no direction, others with relationships that are going bad some who hate their jobs, others with kids that they love, but can no longer control etc.

So, although the high profile people are brave in letting people know about their situation, remember, that all around us are people suffering the same mental health issues and they need our support.

We have some wonderful people and organisations working within this field, but somehow I think we all have a responsibility to recognize the signs in our own lives and in the lives of those around us.

It is time we started to look out for each other more, rather than criticize!

So, here is what I am going to start doing – I hope you will join me:

  • Rather than just send a response to someone highlighting their mistakes, I will balance it with something that highlights the effort put in and their intent
  • I will balance my correction with support. What drives us to always look for the wrong? I think it is our own lack of esteem and sense of non- achievement. There is a difference between challenging bad behavior and squashing the dreams of a person
  • I will begin to ask people how they are more, rather than just getting to the issues of business
  • If we are honest, we have all at times reacted to something and someone and then wondered why we behaved that way. That is a part of growing as a person. But for many people it has become a habit that is destructive and this habit has the potential to destroy our framework of life and community
  • So, I will try to recognize the habits that I display that are not positive and do something about them
  • Most people are looking out for approval! Some people just need to feel loved – very simple really  – So, I will love more

Keep getting disturbed, but never forget to look out for each other’s backs.

Des Penny

The Optimistic Disturber


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