I was cruising through Asia on a break and as the dates got closer to Christmas, decorations on the ship started to appear until it became almost a winter wonderland. They were a great conversation piece.

There were very few children on the ship but one morning while waiting for coffee, a conversation with a young couple and their 6-year old son started up.

The parents began to relay to us a conversation that their young son had had with Santa just before getting on the ship, and it went like this:

“So what would you like me to bring you for Christmas young man” asked Santa?

To which the 6-year old boy replied. “I’ve put them all on my iPad, so you can look it up yourself.”

He didn’t want a bike, nor a Lego set, but everything was listed in the clouds; so get with it Santa, was what he was inferring!

How the world has changed!

But it is this amazing and exciting world that we now live in that also allows us the opportunity to communicate like we have never been able to before and to succeed like we have never succeeded before.

The young boy wasn’t being smart or cheeky, it was just the world that he had been born into and had adapted to.

Have you ever stopped to think about how things will look in ten years time? But more than that, have you ever stopped to plan what you will need to do to in order to adapt to the changes? How amazing it is that we have the ability to plan our lives in the most exciting time in history.

But we must also stop to enjoy the NOW!

So, to all of my Optimistic Disturbers, thank you for your support and I hope that my contributions have in some small way helped you to see what a privilege it is to be alive in this time in history.

Re-establish a relationship this Christmas. It is a gift that will live on forever.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I will be back with you in 2016.


Des Penny

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