Think! Leadership 2016

Think! Leadership is about assisting leaders and their teams to think differently, to challenge the status quo and to see a bigger and better picture for the future.

Leaders of the future must master the following three areas:

They must be thought leaders, constantly changing the way they think and behave

They must understand how to create strategies for their ideas

They must know how to build in processes that support their strategies and give their ideas a greater chance of success

This program is suited to those leaders who are passionate about improving their own performance and the performance of others and are responsible for rolling out innovation and change.

Think! Leadership will help you to create your desired future and enable you to see the bigger picture.

Program Dates:

Adelaide Brisbane Melbourne Perth Sydney
Program 1 21st & 22nd June 19th & 20th May 6th & 7th June 25th & 26th May 31st May & 1st June


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