More For Less – Not Less For More!

Growing Your Business Through Generosity Have you noticed lately that the cost of things seems to be going up, but the value in many cases seems to be diminishing? Increasing prices are absolutely expected as production and service costs rise, but people must see a benefit from paying more. Our Australian Post Service have been… Continue reading More For Less – Not Less For More!

How the world has changed – Merry Christmas!

I was cruising through Asia on a break and as the dates got closer to Christmas, decorations on the ship started to appear until it became almost a winter wonderland. They were a great conversation piece. There were very few children on the ship but one morning while waiting for coffee, a conversation with a… Continue reading How the world has changed – Merry Christmas!


This article was taken from the May 2015 edition of Proteuslife magazine. Over the Christmas break of 2014 I started reading the new book by Goleman entitled ‘Focus’ and although like most of Goleman’s books, parts of it were very hard work, there were also some amazing gems. Being a reflective person, I am always looking for ways… Continue reading Focus!