Maybe I am naive, but I just can’t get my head around how one person can actively take steps to take the life of another person – it is just not a part of my psyche.

The execution of two young Australians in Bali has disturbed me greatly. Not that I agree in any way with what they did, but the barbaric act of execution just does not compute for me in this day and age. There are other forms of punishment, including rehabilitation!

It did make me stop and think though, about how many people we emotionally kill, or seriously injure on a daily basis and just accept it as being our right.

I don’t mean literally, but with the words that we use, the way we include or exclude them, or just the things that we are not interested enough in to notice.

There is so much fear being generated at the moment through natural disasters, aviation, terrorism etc, all of which we have little or no power over, but that does not stop us doing the right thing, right where we are.

So my message is very simple – BE KINDER!

Be kinder to others, be kinder to yourself, be kinder to the ones that you love and be kinder to our planet. These are all things that are within our control and would change the world if we all accepted the part we had to play.

I would like to write more, but I don’t need to – you get the message.

Just start being kinder -That’s it!

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