Look Ahead!

I walked down the city mall in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago to the sound of Jingle Bells blaring from a department store and my brain was tempted to go one of two paths. 1. Where did this year go? Why are they playing Christmas Carols so early? I am so busy. I haven’t… Continue reading Look Ahead!

Being BRAVE!

Hi Disturbers, I always thought that I was a fairly brave person, except when it came to snakes, spiders and MRI scans, but I have been challenged more than ever of late to not just talk about being brave, but be brave. There is a huge difference! So, if you want to step out and… Continue reading Being BRAVE!

Speaking Engagements

For over 20 years, Des Penny has been speaking to leaders and organisations across Australia, challenging them to take their thinking and their performance to the next level. As one of the most respected keynote speakers in the industry his mission is a simple one: to help people find a better way! To find out more or to discuss topics and… Continue reading Speaking Engagements

Leading The Future – Getting all your ducks in a row!

This article was taken from the August edition of Proteuslife magazine. I remember as a child going to my Grandparents farm just outside of Adelaide in South Australia and right across the lounge room wall was a line of plaster ducks, all positioned in perfect unison, with a definite leader and a row of followers.… Continue reading Leading The Future – Getting all your ducks in a row!