We have spent our whole lives building and creating habits to help us cope and survive, to help us protect ourselves and to help us to get ahead, but what happens to us when everything we have built is being challenged and deep down inside we know that we need to let go of those safety blankets?

It is not easy – but it is essential!

As I move around different industries and workplaces, I see leadership being challenged like they have never been challenged before; some are responding positively and others are digging their heels in until they wear them down.

In this environment we see so many new initiatives being rolled out, but we also see companies, organisations, departments and leaders so locked within their old ways, that they are prepared to lose everything on principle, rather than initiate change.

I have always said, “choose your critics well”. Listen to people who are honest with you, but still have your best interest at heart, because some of the organisations that are fighting for existence right now will not be with us in five years time – and neither should they be.

They are protecting their patch, not for the greater good or because the world is changing, but because they are just too stubborn and yes, too lazy, to make the changes that the world of the future is demanding.

So, have a look at where you are personally and where you work. Are you fighting a lost cause? If so, look ahead at what could be, not what has always been?

There are industries and roles that are disappearing before our very eyes; not because evil people have made it happen, but because it is the way of the future.

The skill is finding where you and your organization fit in this future and start working your way towards it now. It will be too late when you don’t heed the warning signs, and everything falls apart.

We live in an awesome world that has an awesome future – make up your mind to be a part of it. It is a much happier and rewarding place to be!

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