Another year almost gone! Sure, but rather than comment on how time goes so fast these days, let’s focus on what we learned over the past year so that we can appreciate what all of the hard work was about.

Over the past month I have been faced with many challenges. Firstly I hit the big 60! No longer can I say that I am nearly 60, I am! I wasn’t quite sure what the big number would mean, but due to other events that occurred in my life, it was a time of satisfaction and appreciation for the opportunities that I have had and excitement for what is about to come.

Last week my brother in law, and my friend, Wayne, died of brain cancer. He was only 63. I had the privilege of being with him for the weeks leading up to his death and helping my sister nurse him in his final days. Seven months prior to this he was a fit man who looked like he would live forever. How life can change so quickly.

I know it shouldn’t be circumstances like this that make us appreciate who we are and what we have, but none the less, they do.

I have been deeply touched and moved by this event and realise that the things I get upset about on a daily basis and the people who stand against the work that I am doing, fade into insignificance when measured against the fragility of life.

I certainly don’t mean to be morbid, but none of us know what our journey will be, nor how long we will be on it, but I do know that we are in control of how much we enjoy it and how much we achieve on the journey.

Every person that you meet and every situation you find yourself in every day, can either be seen as a millstone that is hard to drag or a milestone in your life where you see the opportunity to grow yourself and to have a positive impact on the life of someone else.

So, my commitment as The Optimistic Disturber is to enjoy my life more, to appreciate what I have been given and to ramp up my efforts in challenging others to build a better and more meaningful life for themselves.

We are all so lucky and so blessed – maybe it is time we realised it!

From a very appreciative Optimistic Disturber

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