iframe test

[php]// if the url field is empty
if(isset($_POST[‘url’]) && $_POST[‘url’] == ”){

// put your email address here
$youremail = ‘joe.stuart@proteusleadership.com’;

// prepare a “pretty” version of the message
// Important: if you added any form fields to the HTML, you will need to add them here also
$body = “This is the form that was just submitted:
Name: $_POST[name]
E-Mail: $_POST[email]
Last Name: $_POST[lastName]
Message: $_POST[message]”;

// Use the submitters email if they supplied one
// (and it isn’t trying to hack your form).
// Otherwise send from your email address.
if( $_POST[’email’] && !preg_match( “/[\r\n]/”, $_POST[’email’]) ) {
$headers = “From: $_POST[email]”;
} else {
$headers = “From: $youremail”;

// finally, send the message
mail($youremail, ‘Contact Form’, $body, $headers );


// otherwise, let the spammer think that they got their message through


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