Welcome back to 2015 fellow Optimistic Disturbers and welcome to the 30+ new disturbers who have joined us over the break.

I did intend to start writing earlier than this, but over the break hackers intruded this site and shut it down. It must be so sad having so little in your life that you receive any form of satisfaction from that!

Anyhow, we are Optimistic Disturbers and we have work to do!

In most workplaces staff are now back and life has returned to how we knew it pre Christmas. But has it really?

What have you decided to do differently this year? What have you decided that you will quit? What have you decided that you will achieve this year?

Unless we ask ourselves these questions and then go about finding answers, life will be a rotating door.

So here is my #1 for 2015 – To be kinder to myself!

 What does that mean? Well it means that I intend to work just as hard as ever and still have measurable goals, but it also means that I need to give myself some time to breathe and smell the roses. I am sure that some of you will understand what I mean!

 To become selfless you must first become selfish!

 This might seem a strange statement to some, but it is your definition of selfish that is important. It does not mean that you don’t give to others and support those around you, but it does mean that to be successful and not constantly overwhelmed, we must create space in our mind and in our lives to work on ourselves.

There are so many people that I know who have done very little with their lives (their words) because all they have done is focused on everyone else.

Deep down many of them love it because it actually stops them from having to focus on themselves and make decisions. But others just get caught up in the wheel of life and end up very disappointed with what they have achieved.

 Great leaders understand that to build followers they must create times when they can withdraw from the pack to reflect and strategise.

 So, as you establish new goals for 2015, why don’t you start with you? Why don’t you indulge yourself and have a moment of selfishness that will better equip you to be selfless?

Then come back into the tribe giving them 100% of your time.

I am so glad that we are intelligent creatures and have been given the ability to control our own lives and destinies. So let’s take advantage of that and make the decisions that are right for everyone – especially ourselves.

Have the most amazing year and please communicate with me. I love hearing about your Optimistic Disturber moments.


Des Penny – The Optimistic Disturber

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