The Leadership Circus

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The importance of someone to direct the show and take us on this incredible journey is so essential I was sitting on the balcony of an apartment in Perth overlooking a large strip of lawn where people were participating in all sorts of sporting activities. It seemed like out of nowhere that a line of… Continue reading The Leadership Circus

Stepping into the Unknown

“Plan to step into the unknown because that is where life’s growth hormones are stored!” I am a great believer in setting clear goals for our lives. Goals that will make us better people and improve our knowledge and skills; but sometimes even goal setting can become monotonous and mundane. So I want to take… Continue reading Stepping into the Unknown

Shift Happens

“Our clients must always be the reason that we look to create a better way!” What exciting times we live in. I didn’t say easy; I said exciting. But there is a SHIFT happening! Thousands of jobs are being lost across Australia and businesses are closing everyday, which is sad and creates a great deal… Continue reading Shift Happens