Be Bitter Or Be Better

Think Differently

What would happen if you just decided today to change the way you think? Well the answer is that you would see so many areas of your life change instantly and other areas that have been concerns would begin to unfold. The fact is that you would be back in control and life control is a […]

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Lola’s Story Divides The Crowd

This article was taken from the February 2015 edition of Proteuslife magazine. If you decide you divide!” This is what Tony Blair told Julia Gillard when she became Prime Minister. That is why so many people sit on the fence and don’t make the decisions they need to make. They are scared what other people will think. In […]

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Be Kind To Yourself!

Welcome back to 2015 fellow Optimistic Disturbers and welcome to the 30+ new disturbers who have joined us over the break. I did intend to start writing earlier than this, but over the break hackers intruded this site and shut it down. It must be so sad having so little in your life that you […]

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Look Ahead

Look Ahead!

I walked down the city mall in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago to the sound of Jingle Bells blaring from a department store and my brain was tempted to go one of two paths. 1. Where did this year go? Why are they playing Christmas Carols so early? I am so busy. I haven’t […]

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Being BRAVE!

Hi Disturbers, I always thought that I was a fairly brave person, except when it came to snakes, spiders and MRI scans, but I have been challenged more than ever of late to not just talk about being brave, but be brave. There is a huge difference! So, if you want to step out and […]

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The Leadership Dance

The Leadership Dance

This article was taken from the November edition of Proteuslife magazine. Everyone loves to dance; it’s just that some people can and some people can’t! Although it’s fun watching people who can’t dance, try, it is simply exquisite when you see a person who is trained and has mastered the art of dance, perform. What […]

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A Millstone Or A Milestone

A Millstone or a Milestone – your choice!

Another year almost gone! Sure, but rather than comment on how time goes so fast these days, let’s focus on what we learned over the past year so that we can appreciate what all of the hard work was about. Over the past month I have been faced with many challenges. Firstly I hit the […]

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Stop The Guilt

Stop The Guilt!

Recently I had the privilege of attending a great conference on the future of leadership. There were several reasons that it was great. Yes some of the speakers were great, but the best bit was that I was not running it and could just sit back and reenergize myself. So many interesting things were said […]

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Sometimes we need to let go!

We have spent our whole lives building and creating habits to help us cope and survive, to help us protect ourselves and to help us to get ahead, but what happens to us when everything we have built is being challenged and deep down inside we know that we need to let go of those […]

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It's Tough Being Different

It’s tough being different!

I apologise to all my BLOG followers for the length of time since I posted my last BLOG, but I decided to take some time out and head overseas for 3 weeks. It was a magic time, but I also couldn’t wait to get home to the greatest country on earth. While I was away […]

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