What would happen if you just decided today to change the way you think?

Well the answer is that you would see so many areas of your life change instantly and other areas that have been concerns would begin to unfold. The fact is that you would be back in control and life control is a very important thing for any person to have.

So, what if today you decided to change the way you think about:

Others that you have issues with

Did you know that most of them don’t even know that there is an issue and those that do don’t really care. All of the angst and negative energy is being borne by you – is it worth it? Let it go!

Your Family

They will never be perfect – but neither are you, so cut them some slack. Simply love them!

Your Workplace

You may not agree with everything that is happening, but flip your thinking and recognize that your lifestyle is a result of the fact that your employer provides you with wages and benefits. So start to give back rather than feel like you are being ripped off. Be thankful and appreciate the opportunities you have!

Your Partner

Now this is one area of your life where you did make the choice. They are meant to be your soul mate and best buddy, even if they drive you crazy. They are your support networks and you are theirs and you both deserve to be happy. Give this area the priority it deserves – Number 1.

I could go on and on covering every area of life, but I think you get the message.

Everything is controlled by the way we think, which then determines our actions.

So many people miss out on such wonderful events and opportunities in their lives because their thinking has become bitter and twisted. The way we think is also something that is completely within our control and only you can change it.

So, what are the areas that you need to flip your thinking on? Unless you address them and change, you will reap what you sow.

Start today by thinking differently about one person or one situation – you will be amazed at the difference it will make – and yes, it is that simple!

So, keep disturbing in a positive way by thinking differently!


Des Penny

The Optimistic Disturber

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