Hate is such a strong word and I don’t like using it unless I have to, but so many people that I come across tell me how much they hate their job or hate their personal situation or hate their manager etc.

So here is my response – Do something about it!

If you don’t, hate will rip you to pieces and stop anything positive happening in your life.

The first thing to do is to sit down and identify why you have such a dislike of your current situation. Are you bored? Do you dislike the people? Is the situation unethical? Whatever the reason you must first know what it is that you don’t like and why.

Then you need to identify what bits you can actually do something about; or are you feeling this way because it is in dispute with your value system – then that is a different matter.

The third thing to do is to be honest with yourself and ask if you are actually prepared to do something about it. You see, often people who complain a lot actually enjoy their misery and talking about how bad things are is often more important than fixing it. So be honest – do you really want to change the situation?

If so – then do something about it!

We really are only here for a short time and I would like to think that people did everything they could to be happy, but we are responsible for our own happiness and the decisions we make – no-one else.

So disturbers, if you don’t like your current situation, then get disturbed enough to either fix it or change it.

Take control and do something about it, because hate will eat you up and Optimistic Disturbers always look for a positive solution.

Until next time – keep getting disturbed to create a better way!

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