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Life Eyes - Des Penny

In his book ‘Life Eyes: The Gateway to Who You Really Could Be’, Des Penny shares a practical and powerful way to see and work with the people around us, and our experience of everyday challenges. The practice of living with ‘Life Eyes’ involves seeing beyond the obvious to discover what is really happening.

As the Optimistic Disturber and an award winning Australian leader, Des Penny shares his thoughts on leading and living with insight. Through developing a greater level of insight we can improve our decision-making, our outlook on life and also our relationships.

When you are reading this book, enjoy the fun stories and the powerful messages but also look past the obvious and see what you can discover for yourself through each of the experiences and stories.

As I looked around the table at the five highly-intelligent men with whom I had worked for the past five years, it dawned on me that I did not like them, I did not respect them and I certainly did not want to become like them.

Des Penny

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      Reinventing Yourself And Your OrganisationReinventing Yourself And Your Organisation

      This article was taken from the August edition of Proteuslife magazine. When we hear the word reinvent, it conjures up all sorts of thoughts and emotions, but usually people think that it means to completely change who we are, what we look like…

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Proteus Leadership Breakfast Series #1 2014 – Des Penny ( The Optimistic Disturber ) Talks about Innovation and Change

Finding a better way. Keynote Speaker. Provocative and Inspiring. Des Penny is the Optimistic Disturber.

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