For the past six weeks I have been suffering debilitating pain from a ruptured disc in my back. For those who suffer a back condition, you will know exactly the type of pain that I am talking about.

Like everything that happens in my life, I always try to look for lessons I can learn and find a way to make something about myself better, but I must admit, pain makes it hard to think logically.

As hard as it can be sometimes, the universe says, “that’s enough, slow down, it’s time to reinvent, it’s time to reflect and take stock, and it’s time to look at what the future could be.

Many of you will have attended our recent breakfast series that we took around Australia where to get through the pain I was on some very strong drugs. The combination of drugs (legal) and the topic innovation made a great combination.

But seriously, as I stated in the series, if we don’t innovate we will die, but sometimes we have to stop long enough to make it happen.

So, what have I learned during this time of incapacity and reflection?

  •  Be thankful for what you have and nurture it – You don’t know what you have until something is taken away or impaired. Be thankful for what you have, especially your health.
  •  People must be ready to step up – You must have people that are ready and prepared to share the load and to take over responsibility, otherwise the stress will only exacerbate the problem.
  •  Use the time wisely – During this period I have restructured my business and created two new businesses that will help Proteus to have a sustainable and exciting future.
  •  Bounce back with new energy and direction – So, what will you do when everything is back to normal? Take advantage of the down time and prepare to be better than you were before.
  •  Stay positive – but also be real – Don’t display false positivity – be real! You are going through a tough time. Let people in and allow them to help. Demonstrate how adversity can be a good thing in their lives, if they are prepared to learn from it.

So, Optimistic Disturbers, what are you going through right now? What are the lessons that are on offer, and are you open to them, because if you are, then you will come out stronger and better than you were before?

Yes it is hard to accept that there is a good side to adversity, but Optimistic Disturbers not only believe that, they also actively look for what it is.

Keep getting disturbed, and I welcome all of your comments.

Des Penny – The Optimistic Disturber

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